National key point training in Witbank | National key point training in Ermelo

National key point training in Witbank

National key point training in Witbank | National key point training in Ermelo,

National key point training in Witbank – If you’re looking for better training standards, join MS security training school accredited with PSIRA/SASSETA and it’s located in South Africa. MS security training school also gives opportunities to its certified and well trained learners by allocating them to different provinces of South Africa like Gauteng, Northern Cape among others as security guards.

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    National key point training in Witbank | National key point training in Ermelo,


    National key points Act, 1980 (act no. 102 of 1980) is a parliamentary act in South Africa that was created with concern to lift up standards and the skills of the well trained security guards to protect well the national key point places such as nuclear plants, chemical plants electrical dams, museums, national parks among others; where by previously strategic national key point places were not allowed to be photographed and this required special security access. National key points provide integrated and innovative security solutions to security personnels in South Africa because they add value to the security industry by providing the best quality national key point training to security guards.

    After the completion of the national key point course, learners will have to secure national key point places like chemical plants among others and therefore learners will have learnt the work of the legal framework and they will be able to make distinctions between general security and securing of national key points. Other national key point purposes include identifying acts and deeds that are prohibited on national key point, describing on how to apply the powers of security officers on a national key point, and explaining the functions of the ministry and the owner of the national key point. 

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    Recognition for prior learning (RPL) and learning units.

    Recognition for prior learning can be achieved completely through the informal, non-informal, formal learning methods and working experiences. As it is assumed that learners are always competent in communication at national qualification frameworks and mathematical literacy at national qualification frameworks, It should be noted that the mechanisms used provide the learners with opportunities to demonstrate competence and to prevent learners from taking up the Recognition for Prior Learning option towards gaining a qualification and therefore the structure of this national key point qualification makes recognition of prior learning possible through assessing of individual unit standards. If the learners are able to demonstrate competence in knowledge and skills, values and attitudes acquired in this qualification, appropriate credits are always assigned to the learners.

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    The national security key point course unit standards refer to specific outcomes and assessments where by in this unit standard, specific Protocols base on searching of persons, goods and vehicles, Proportionality of force, Criminal Procedure Act sections, breaking open of premises, pursue of arrest, the powers of arrest, manner in affecting an arrest by use of force, searching of individuals after an arrest and searching premises for the purposes of arrest and the articles that may be seized.

    Job Requirements.

    The applicants for this course unit under national key point training must be a least 18 years of age, with a clear criminal back ground check, fingerprinted, must hold education documents equivalent to high school diploma and must pass physicals prior to employment.    


    You be rest assured that after training with us, you will be getting good paying jobs in the security industry that is also a big priority being offer by us.

    National key point training in Witbank, National key point training in Ermelo, National key point training in Bethal , National key point training in Piet Retief , National key point training in Lydenburg 

    , National key point training in Ermelo.