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National Key point Training in Durban National Key point Training in Pietermaritzburg National Key point Training in Newcastle

National Key point Training in Durban – MS security training school is one of the best training school located in Roodepoort South Africa. It offers face to face study and Long distance/ self-study programs. MS security training school has been among the leading security training schools all over South Africa.

So anyone looking for certifications and training you need, we offer quality courses taught by certified trainers.

MS security training school was designed to provide learners with knowledge and skills to protect National key point in terms of National key point act,  1980(act.No.102 of 1980 which is south African act of parliament that provides for protection of sites such  as parliament, airports, chemical plants, electrical Dams, Nuclear plants among others.

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    Some of the courses trained at MS security training school include;

    PSIRA and SASSETA grades

    National key point training

    Cash in transit

    Firearms competency training

    CCTV and control room training

    Firearms response security training

    Security general practice training


                    National key point Training Practices

    National Key point Training in Pietermaritzburg – Manson security training school provides training practices to security guards to understand that since most provinces in South Africa such as Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Northern Cape kwazulu Natal among others require security guards making the job market wide for them

    Topics covered include investigating basic security techniques, report writing, firearm use, patrolling tactics, and emergency procedures.     

    In South Africa, what are National Key point’s security?

    National key points are buildings, airports and strategic installations such as provincial legislatures and the Union Buildings that are considered worthy of tight security so as to prevent an act of damage or sabotage taking place. Some national key points are easy to secure than others.

    For what purpose is a national key point certificate in South Africa?

    The purpose of this learning program is to provide Security guard with the full understanding of the protection of NKP, it also includes the use of more than one fire arm in a business environment. It also includes SASSETA first aid level unit standards & based Fire Fighting.
    The National Key Point is the establishment of measures for protection of information, personnel and property against hostile persons, influences and actions on strategic National Reserves.
    Although it is the responsibility for security guards to maintain law and order and to investigate and combat crime, Manson security guards are also responsible for protecting areas of economic importance. The training is designed to provide security guards with the skills and knowledge to protect SASSETA National Key Point Training.
    Learners who go through this qualification will have the knowledge of discharging their duties and functions under the framework of the law by knowing the duties and functions of a National Key Point security guard.

     National key point training grades and courses

    • Since most places in South Africa such as fuel stations, nuclear plant, power stations, airports, chemical plant parliament house etc. require security guards, learners at MS Security Training school often have to participate in a security guard grades and courses as a form of continued education required for the renewal process.

             Requirements for the job

    • Security guards should be at least 18 years of age
    • They Should have acquired qualification from the PSIRA courses ranging from grade A up to grade E. Learners who are not interested in our training equipment and are able to purchase their ‘such as overalls, training glove, gumboots, capes etc. are also allowed to buy them without inconveniencing them in one way or another.
    • A learner must have completed a high school diploma.
    • Applicants at National Key point must also pass criminal background checks and be fingerprinted. Some provinces also require security guards to pass physicals prior to employment. Nearly some provinces require security guards to complete the PSIRA/SASSETA licensing process during the first few months of employment.
    • To qualify for the PSIRA/SASSETA licenses, MS Security Training learners must first complete the mandatory training programs. License applicants at National Key point training usually have to pass written tests that cover topics such as crime prevention, emergency procedures and evidence handling.
    • Practical skills tests are often required, especially to verify a security guard’s ability to safely use weapons.


    Manson security training school offers job placements all over South Africa. So train with us for assurance you will get a job after finishing your training.

    National Key point Training in Durban | National Key point Training in Pietermaritzburg| National Key point Training in Newcastle